Pulse feedback is the mechanism through which Coachmetrix measures both a “self” perspective and “Supporters” perspective of behavior change. Here are a few tid bits about the pulse feedback feature.

  • Pulse feedback is either scheduled or manually kicked-off at the participant level.
  • Either the Coach or the Participant can manually kick-off pulse feedback requests.
  • The Coach has the option to automate/schedule pulse feedback requests in advance. 
  • The Coach can set the number of pulse feedback rounds for the project on the edit project screen (see Configure Your Project).
  • The Coach can set the rating scale of the pulse feedback on the same edit project screen (see Configure Your Project).  
  • The Coach can enable reminders on the same edit project screen (see Configure Your Project). Reminders will send messages to Supporters every other day who haven't yet completed their pulse feedback request from a Participant.

To use the "Automate Pulse Feedback" feature to schedule pulse feedback reviews, click on the “pulse feedback” link at the top of the Participant’s page. NOTE: Wait until your Participant's action plan is completed prior to scheduling your Pulse Feedback Automative Reviews.

Click on the “Automate Pulse Feedback” button at the top and to the right of the Participant’s metrix. 

Check the "Enable Automatic Requests" box.

Enter the frequency of pulse feedback (number of days between each of your pulse feedback rounds)

Enter a start date in the "Date of Next Request" box below. When enabled, requests for reviews will be automatically sent on the date specified, and again based on the frequency you entered in the Frequency field (e.g., every 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, or any frequency between 1 and 180 days)

Select "Save Preferences." 


  • You can disable automatic reviews at any time by un-checking the Enable Automatic Reviews box. 
  • If there are no remaining review rounds left on the project, requests will not be sent out. Go back to "edit project" and increase the number of pulse feedback reviews.