Scheduling Pulse Feedback requests happen at the Participant level. To schedule Pulse Feedback requests, click on the “Pulse Feedback” link at the top of the Participant’s page. 

Next, click the “Automate Pulse Feedback” button at the top and to the right of the Participant’s Metrix. 


  • Check the "Enable Automatic Pulse Feedback Requests" box. 
  • Select the frequency of your Pulse Feedback requests (e.g., every 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, etc.) 
  • Enter a start date in the "Date of Next Pulse Feedback" box below. 

Select "Save Preferences." 


  • You can disable the automatic Pulse Feedback at any time by un-checking the "Enable Automatic Pulse Feedback Requests" box. 
  • If there are no remaining review rounds left on the Project, requests will not be sent out. Go back to "edit project" and increase the number of Pulse Feedback rounds.