Once a Supporter and/or Participant has responded to a Pulse Feedback survey, the data is immediately populated on the platform for the Coach and Participant to review.

Viewing Pulse Feedback Results

Pulse Feedback results are displayed on the Participant's front page.

The Metrix displays the average Supporter assessment score for each Goal for each round. 

The established scale is displayed on the vertical axis and the number of rounds is displayed across the horizontal axis.

The coach and Participant can toggle between a line graph or bar chart.


Reviewing Pulse Feedback Comments

To review the Pulse Feedback comments and assessments scores, click on the Pulse Feedback link under the Participant's name.


The Status will display the date of the last activity (sent or received survey) and the response results.

The comments displayed are from the most recent round of Pulse Feedback. A previous round may be viewed by selecting the number from the drop down option and clicking the green "Go".

A Comments section is displayed for each Goal/Behavior.

Underneath each Behavior statement is the average Supporter assessment score and the Participant's assessment score.

Each Supporters' comments and assessment score is listed in each section first. The Participant's self assessment score and comments are listed last.

NOTE: If the Privacy Setting is set at Partially Anonymous, the Avatar for each Supporter will be blackened out  If the Privacy Setting is Open, the initials of the Supporter will be displayed.