The Coach or the Participant can manually kick-off a round of Pulse Feedback. Start by clicking on the “Pulse Feedback” link at the top of the Participant’s page.


Click on the “Request Immidiate Pulse Feedback” button at the top and to the right of the Participant’s Pulse Feedback Metrix. 

Choose the pulse feedback round. The pulse round rolls forward sequentially every time you click "Request Pulse Feedback". If you are sending a reminder to Supporters, change the pulse round back to the previous round.

Select your Supporters and then click “Request Pulse Feedback”. 


Below is an example of a pulse feedback request that the Supporter and the Participant will receive. Of course, this is customized based on the specific behaviors that the Participant defined in their action plan. If the Participant has three goals in their action plan, three behaviors will be included as part of the pulse feedback round.