We developed this Project Checklist as a guide to help coaches in:

  1. Creating a Project
  2. Managing Ongoing Activities


Creating A Project

Project Title

Add Coach(es) (If applicable)

Add Participant(s)

  • Include Welcome Message (sent immediately or later)
  • Important! This is the mechanism for Participants to activate their accounts

Collaborate on Action Plan (created by Coach or Participant)

  • Goal(s)
  • Behavior(s)
  • Supporting Detail (ex: Action Items or Support Needed)

Add Supporters

  • Welcome Message (Immediately or Later)
  • Edit Goal to Assign/Unassign Supporters

Establish Pulse Feedback Project Settings (applicable to all Participants in the project)

  • Number of Pulse Feedback Rounds
  • Display Format (Traditional vs Progress)
  • Rating Scale
  • Privacy Setting (Open vs. Partially Anonymous)
  • Enable Reminder emails to Supporters

Automate Pulse Feedback - Ongoing, Automatic Process (settings specific to each participant)

  • Define Frequency and Start Date

Immediate Pulse Feedback - One Time Request (settings specific to each participant)

  • Select Round and Specific Supporters

Develop Resources / Collections

  • Coach’s Library of Material - Combination of Text, Images and/or Video
  • Only visible to Participant(s) after Coach has shared with them
  • Examples: Participant Welcome, SWOT Analysis, Video Check-In

Create Discussion Templates

  • Messages that are Utilized Repeatedly Across Projects
  • Examples: Participant Welcome, Pre and Post Session Messages

Create Assignment Templates

  • Define Milestones - Group Tasks Associated


Ongoing Project Activities

Pulse Feedback

  • Use Matrix to Track Progress Toward Goals
  • Incorporate Pulse Feedback into Sessions


  • Pre Message before Session
  • Post Message after Session
  • Upload Electronic Version of Assessments
  • Schedule Delivery of Messaging


  • Assign Tasks to Participant(s)
  • Establish Due Dates


  • Share with Participant(s)

Private Notes (Participant & Project level)

  • Store Contracts
  • Capture Reflections after Sessions

Participant Journal

  • Review entries the Participant has shared with the Coach