We designed Coachmetrix so that when you click on the Participant's tile, you see almost exactly what the Participant sees. There are two additions that you have that the Participant doesn't.

  1. You are able to create private notes that the Participant does not have access to.
  2. Your Resources tab on the main navigation on the left is unique to you the Coach. 

One suggestion is to create a dummy Participant in one of your Projects. Using a different email than the Coachmetrix email, add a Participant and fill it with dummy information (goals, discussions, run 4 or 5 rounds of pulse feedback, and share some resources/collections). This serves two purposes:

  1. You can use the dummy Participant to show clients a quick demo - so they can see what the system would look like. 
  2. It allows you to view how a Resource or Collection will display before sending it to a Participant.