A project is an engagement between a Coach and Participant(s). It could be coaching with one person, team coaching or a leadership development program. In Coachmetrix, each Project is represented by a tile.


The Coach is the person coaching a Participant or leading a project. This could be an executive coach, trainer or facilitator. It might also be a Manager in the workplace coaching a team member. 


The Participant is the “coachee” or person in a leadership program. It might also be a team member being coached by a manager.


Supporters provide ongoing feedback and feedforward to the Participant via the Pulse Feedback process. This would be a similar role as a Rater or Stakeholder in a 360 process. Supporters tend to be the manager, peers, and direct reports or anyone that is impacted by the Participant’s behavior and is willing to provide feedback.

Action Plan

The Action Plan defines the strategy for the coaching engagement. It consists of (1) one or more goals, (2) behaviors that will be measured through pulse feedback and (3) additional details. Either the Coach or the Participant can create the action plan. 

Pulse Feedback 

Pulse Feedback is the mechanism through which Coachmetrix measures both a Participant's “self” perspective and a “Supporter’s” perspective of the Participant’s behavior change. The Pulse Feedback request process can be automated by the Coach or sent on-demand.


Discussions are online conversations between the Coach and Participant. They may be used to capture notes from a coaching session, reminders or share files. Discussions can be initiated by either the Coach or Participant.


Assignments are tactical lists with due dates that the Coach assigns to a Participant. When a task is done, the Participant checks the completed box.


Resources may be articles, leadership tools, instructions or any combination of text, images, video, and document uploads that a Coach shares with a Participant. 


Collections are a combination of Resources that are shared with a Participant.

Participant Journal

The Participant Journal is confidential space available to each participant to journal, reflect on a coaching session, capture relevant files or images. A Participant has the option to share an entry with the coach or keep entries private.