The Assignments function is a great way for Coaches to assign and manage tasks (To Do's) they have assigned to their Participants. Coaches can create a Milestone with associated tasks that is available to share with individual Participants or an entire Project. The tasks can be customizable to meet the needs of each Participant.

A Coach can easily view status on a Participants page with Outstanding tasks listed at the top with due dates and completed task listed below.

The Assignment function is available by selecting the "Assignments" on the left side of the Coach's page. 

Check the box next to the Assignment(s) and click the Assign to Participants button.
Then select the Project from the drop down and check the box by the Participant(s). You have the option of selecting a due date for each Participant.
When you click the Add Assignments button, an email will be sent to the Participants informing them there are Assignments posted in their portal.
The Participant will see all of his Assignments with due dates. When a Participant has completed an Assignment, he checks the box and the Assignment grays out with a completion date populated.
NOTE: The pencil (edit) and trash can (delete) options are only available to the Coach.