Once the Action Plan has been finalized, it's important for the Participant to meet with the Supporters to review the Action Plan and request their participation in the Pulse Feedback. It's also helpful to let the Supporters know the process and set expectations.

Adding Supporters to the Platform

Supporter tiles are listed under the Action Plan. To add Supporters,  Select "Add New +".

Enter the Supporter’s name and email address.

(NOTE: There is no limit to the number of supporters a Participant can have).

To include a welcome message, click the check box at the bottom of the form. (A welcome message can instead be sent at a later time.)

A standard welcome message will be displayed. The text can be edited to personalize the message. 

Click the green “Add Supporters” button at the bottom of the form to Save. 


Assigning Supporters to Each Goal

After the Supporters have been added to the platform, they need to be assigned to each goals. (By default, all of the Supporters are assigned to each of the goals.)

To select which Supporter is assigned to each goal, return to each goal, and click the pencil icon to edit.

Check the box next to the names of the Supporters to select them for the specific goal. Remember, these people should be directly impacted by the behavior.

When finished, click the  green "Save the Goal" button.