Coachmetrix Reports are accessible by selecting the Reports tab from the Coach’s Dashboard.

The available reports are displayed. Under the Activity Report, select the Project from the drop down menu. A coach can choose to report on any of their current or former projects.

Once a project is selected, a list of all participants in the project will be displayed. Select the Participant(s) and click the Submit button at the bottom. 

The data will download to a CSV file for review and easy formatting / manipulation.


The Activity Report includes the following fields for the Participants selected:

  • Participant Name
  • Participant email
  • Date Added to Project
  • Name of Coach Assigned
  • Last Login Date
  • Number of Goals
  • Number of Supporters
  • Number of Pulse Feedback Rounds Submitted
  • Number of Pulse Feedback Rounds Total
  • Number of Assignments Completed
  • Number of Assignments Total
  • Number of Resources Shared with Participant