An Action Plan consists of (1) one or more goals, (2) behaviors that will be measured through pulse feedback and (3) additional details. Either the Coach or the Participant can create an action plan for the Participant. The Action Plan can be exported and shared with additional parties (e.g., the Participant’s Manager, Supporters, any other person, etc.). 

Action Plans are located on the Participant's profile page. 

To create an Action Plan, first select "Participants" or scroll down to the Participant section of the Project page. 

On the Participant's profile page, select "Goals".


To create a new goal, click on the “+” in the upper right corner of the Action Plan area of the Participants main page. 

The Action Plan template will pop-up.

  1. Add a goal statement in the top box – make it as specific, measurable, action oriented and time framed as possible.
  2. Create a behavioral statement in the Behavior box.
    • This is the survey item that will be measured by the Participant and Supporters through the pulse feedback process.
    • Write the statement in the “third” person. For example, “John encourages open dialogue during team meetings.”
    • The behavior should be observable by others, important enough to make a critical difference in the Participant's success and action oriented.
  3. Select the appropriate Supporters that are impacted by the Participants behavior and can provide Pulse Feedback/Feedforward guidance for this goal. 
  4. Add additional details such as action items and support needed. You can even upload documents or images.
  5. Click “Create the Goal.”